Thursday, August 6, 2009

I’m a Vegan Living in an Omnivore’s World

I’m new to this way of eating, and no one around me eats this way. I really do love my vegan life, though at times I’m reluctant. I love food, all food, and it’s difficult for me to resist the temptation of deep fried onion rings, a filet of beef tenderloin with blue cheese and cracked black pepper or a Saunders hot fudge cream puff. This new take on food is a challenge and it all started about six weeks ago when my daughters came back from visiting family in Tucson, Arizona. During their visit my uncle talked about a diet he was on to keep his cholesterol under control. When the girls returned, they told me about this “weird” diet where you can’t eat butter because “butta has a mudda.” I was curious, and soon after I was emailing my uncle.

A year before all of this, my total cholesterol and LDL were sky high. I had been working on lowering my numbers, so after several emails with my uncle I decided to buy the book (more about that later) and read it with an open mind. The diet is fat free and vegan. I tried it, and six weeks later my test results showed a dramatic improvement. I was thrilled and made the commitment to this new way of eating.

So I’m blogging about this food journey. This will be my journal; a journal of my travels through the culinary world of becoming a fat free (or nearly fat free) vegan while cooking for a family of meat lovers. I’m a working mother and although my girls are in their early twenties (the pretty one is living at home and the other pretty one is living in Chicago), I’m always cooking for more than 2 or 3. I love to cook, but like so many others, I'm short on time and long on things to do. Dinner at my house is often thrown together after coming through the door, and now on top of everything else, I have to blend my new vegan menu with my old omnivore ways. My goal? Well, it's to find food solutions that will satisfy the taste buds of everyone in my family, and to do it with recipes that are quick and easy. Wish me luck.


Dr. Gene said...

I wondered about the pretty daughter, and was relieved to find that the other pretty one was in Chicago!
Lei and I were introduced to vegan living many years when we made a trip to Santa Clara California to see an old friend of her family, and his motto was: "the closer you eat it to its native state, the better off you are." So his diet was mostly fresh, uncooked vegetables, a variety of fruits, plus a few "marginal" things like bread! Keep up the good work, and the good writing!

Susan said...

Uncle Gene! You are amazing! You truly have the gift to educate and inspire others! I love the sweet way that you share your knowledge with our family! And I LOVE eating vegan! I feel SO GOOD! Thank goodness & thank you! Hugs! Susan