Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lunch in Chicago

Being on this diet makes traveling difficult. I get tired of eating salads without dressing everywhere I go. So while I was visiting my daughter in the Chicago area, I was excited. Chicago is a town full of foodies, certainly not everyone is a meat eater. My daughter asked if I would like to have lunch at Whole Foods. Yes, Whole Foods! Surely I won’t be reduced to a plate of undressed greens there, but even at Whole Foods it was hard to find dishes made without oils. I ended up eating a salad without dressing.

Yet, here’s the good news. We found a fabulous dessert. Whole Foods makes a vegan chocolate mousse that’s wonderful! It was only $2.49. We shared it and had enough left over to satisfy our random cravings for chocolate later that day. It’s rich and delicious! Yum!


allie0584 said...

Yummy, i just ate a bite! You forgot it in my fridge... =)

Love reading the blog, Mom! Come back to Chi soon.


Brandon said...

We will all have to make a trip to one of these places next time you and gary are in town! They sound fabulous and so much more healthier :)

love, Aviva